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 Decoration company is a collection of interior design, budget, construction, materials in one of the professional design company。Decoration and decoration company is to provide technical support for decoration and decoration for relevant owners, including providing designers and decoration workers。

Decoration and decoration from the perspective of professional design and realization, for customers to create a more warm and comfortable home and the establishment of business institutions, this kind of business institutions generally with profitability。Now the decoration company is generally a combination of design and decoration model of business。
Decoration company origin: With the improvement of modern quality of life, Customers have also made great changes in their taste of life,因此,How to live in a permanent home,Comfortable and happy life has become more and more concerned about customers,The decoration company is a service-oriented industry group born under this demand,Also because of the continuous improvement of customer demand,This slowly brought the rise of the design and decoration industry,At the same time to promote the development of the decoration company。
Decorative finishing materials
Exterior decoration material
Decorative stone: including natural finishing stone (marble, granite) and artificial stone。
Debris finish: includes brush stone, make clay stone。An artificial stone cut, etc。
Interior wall decoration materials
1, mirror paste class: refers to wallpaper, wall cloth decorative materials。
2, decorative stone: marble, pre-made stone grinding。
3, glazed tile: red, color, printing color, color puzzle and color wall painting and other kinds of。
4. Brush pulp materials: lime paste, white paste, color powder paste, Cosai silver paste, etc。
5, wall decoration panel: plastic panel, fiberboard, metal decoration panel, plywood decoration panel, etc。
Floor decoration material
1. Wooden floor
A, composite wood floor B, solid wood floor C, solid wood composite floor
A. Indoor floor tiles are: vitrified brick, polished brick, matte brick, glazed brick, printed tile, anti-skid brick, special acid-proof floor tile (used in laboratory and other corrosive ground) 。
B, outdoor floor tiles are: square bricks, lawn bricks 。
3, plastic floor
4, plastic floor
A, carpet commonly used cashmere yarn is divided into: chemical fiber, wool and blended materials。
Hanging bottom finish material
1, household ceiling finishing materials: paper gypsum board, aluminum gusset, PVC gusset, decorative gypsum board, etc。
2. Commercial ceiling finishing materials: soft film ceiling, aluminum-plastic board, mineral wool board, etc。
1. Small and medium-sized decoration companies: generally, designers and construction managers come out of decoration companies。Companies created by themselves are generally relatively strong unilaterally, either in design or construction, decoration of so many departments of management, the company's comprehensive ability is general。
2, mainstream decoration companies: at present, there are more and more brand companies joining the class, they generally have a fixed process of management, and the main material has its own alliance brand。
3, high-end design studio, some high-end public decoration companies, high-end design department of mainstream home decoration companies: these institutions can provide good design and construction,Advantages because focus so excellent,The design and construction efforts were in place,Decoration decorative effect naturally in place,It is easier to use all mainstream brands of materials。
4, the best decoration model in the future is a professional budget agency + professional design studio + good installation company, as long as through the social division of labor, the strengths of each person to play out, so as to make the decoration industry really into the development stage, in the current situation, within a few years the home improvement industry is difficult to scale。
5, the network decoration company, decoration decoration online decoration company's channel。The main role is to publicize some service systems and service principles of the decoration company through network technology, and open up new areas of network management on the basis of traditional business, which can serve more owners while promoting the corporate brand concept and creating corporate awareness。
Eighteen steps of decoration
First: review the legitimacy of the decoration company you choose;
Second: review the design scheme in the safety, practical, beautiful uses;
Third: review and improve the construction technology of decoration;
Fourth: approve the details of each production and indicate them in the terms;
Fifth: review the decoration quotation and guide the calculation of the most reasonable quotation;
Sixth: Agree on environmental protection materials and purchase sites to prevent counterfeit and shoddy;
Seventh: improve the terms of the contract and sign the contract;
Eighth: Inform the construction enterprise of various matters that should be paid attention to in construction;
Ninth: on-site technical disclosure points out the problems that should be paid attention to in the project and preventive measures;
Tenth: the technical disclosure of the basic eradication part;
Xi: Materials are transported to the construction site in accordance with the brand and quantity agreed in the contract;
Twelfth: Process production with reference to design instructions, national standards and Beijing standards;
Thirteenth: acceptance of concealed works item by item to prevent safety and quality hazards;
Fourteenth: check the construction personnel's certificate status when water and electricity transformation;
Fifteenth: interim acceptance and completion acceptance to the overall project under the qualitative conclusion;
16th: The owner may have not less than 12 construction site inspection;
17th: After the completion of the acceptance must be signed warranty contract, clear responsibility;
Eighteenth: Clean the site, pay attention to the details of the finished product damage。
Avoid pollution
Material selection
1, in the choice of materials, residential decoration should use class A natural stone, shall not use class C natural stone, should use E1 grade artificial wood, shall not use E3 grade artificial wood。
2, the interior wall paint is strictly prohibited to use polyvinyl alcohol water glass interior wall paint (106 interior wall paint), polyvinyl formaldehyde interior wall paint (107, 803 interior wall paint)。 If the requirements of high environmental health standards, it is recommended to choose such as 3A environmental paint such as SGS testing through the European and American standards of pure environmental protection paint。
3, Paste wallpaper is strictly prohibited to use polyvinyl formaldehyde adhesive (107 adhesive)。
4. Wood floors and other wood materials are strictly prohibited from using asphalt anti-corrosion and moisture-proof treatment agents, and flame retardants shall not contain volatile ammonia components。It is recommended to select floors that strictly comply with relevant European testing standards, such as Swiss SGS environmental certification, FSC certification, American CARB certification, European EPLF mark certification, and Japanese F4 star standards。
5. When pasting plastic floors, solvent-based adhesives should not be used。Urea-formaldehyde foam is not suitable for thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound absorption materials。
6, furniture, also pay attention to environmental protection testing, the use of environmentally friendly furniture paint, small smell or even no smell of furniture is best。
Construction requirement
1, in terms of construction requirements, the diluent and solvent used in residential decoration shall not use benzene (including industrial benzene, petroleum benzene, heavy benzene, excluding toluene, xylene).。
2, it is strictly prohibited to use benzene, toluene, xylene and gasoline for large area oil removal and removal of old paint operations。
3, paint, adhesive, treatment agent, diluent and other solvents should be closed in time after use, waste should be cleared out of the room in time, it is strictly prohibited to clean construction equipment with solvents in the room。
4, when the artificial wood splicing, in addition to the core plate is E1 level, the section and edge should be sealed。
5, strengthening indoor ventilation is very key, several major pollutants can be removed by strengthening ventilation。Renovated room can not be moved in immediately, to try to ventilate loose flavor, do a good job of air purification work。However, it is not possible to open all doors and Windows for ventilation, because it is unfavorable to the wall and ceiling paint that has just been painted, which will make the paint dry quickly and prone to cracks。
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